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Axial Fan The Principle Of Potential Energy

Sep 28, 2017

1, the fan is installed, before starting to check the flexibility of the fan rotation, Axial Fan hand toggle the blade whether there is jamming phenomenon. Check whether there are any tools and other debris in the fan and adjacent pipes.

2. Check that the damper in the pipe is open.

3, personnel should be away from the fan.

4, point the fan to see whether the fan steering is consistent with the rotation mark, after passing the test, the test run after 10-30 minutes to stop, check whether the loosening of the leaves, Axial Fan vibration and the base of the coupling bolts are loose, all normal, Was officially launched, put into operation.

Fan in the normal operation, the main monitoring motor current, Axial Fan current is not only a sign of the fan load, but also some abnormal accident forecast. Axial Fan Second, we must always check the motor and fan vibration is normal and whether the friction, abnormal sound. The parallel operation of the fan should pay attention to monitor whether the fan is running in the case of surge state.

Axial fan is based on the principle of kinetic energy conversion to potential energy, the use of high-speed rotation of the impeller to accelerate the gas, and then slow down, Axial Fan change the flow, the kinetic energy into potential energy (pressure). In a single stage axial fan, the gas enters the impeller from the axial direction, and the gas flows into the radial direction when passing through the impeller and then into the diffuser.

Axial fan design requirements: to meet the required flow and pressure conditions should be in the vicinity of the highest efficiency point; the highest efficiency value should be as large as possible, Axial Fan the efficiency curve is flat; pressure curve stable working range to wide; fan structure is simple, Good operation and adaptability; have sufficient strength, rigidity, safe and reliable operation; stable operation, low noise; good regulation, work adaptability; fan size as small as possible, light weight; easy operation and maintenance, disassembly Easy transportation.

 Ordinary axial fans can be used in general factories, Axial Fan warehouses, offices, residential and other places of ventilation, can also be used for chillers (air coolers), evaporators, condensers, spray down, and so on, there are mining shaft Flowproof, explosion-proof, Axial Fan explosion-proof axial fan with anti-corrosion materials and explosion-proof measures, and match the explosion-proof motor can be used to transport explosive, volatile, corrosive gas, requiring axial flow of air should be no significant dust, Viscous and fiber material; motor direct temperature does not exceed 40 ℃, belt drive type temperature does not exceed 60 ℃. The amount of dust transported to the gas shall not exceed 150mg / m3, axial fan mainly by the impeller, Axial Fan chassis, motor and other components, the use of steel and the stent duct connection. One of the anti-corrosion type axial fan impeller, the chassis are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, Axial Fan other types of axial fans are generally made of steel.