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Axial Fan Widely Used

Nov 06, 2017

Wind turbines are widely used in many industrial production and are important auxiliary machinery in industrial production. The axial-flow fan is widely used because of its high energy utilization.Axial Fan But in recent years, because of the production accidents caused by axial-flow fan, especially the axial-flow fan of power plant, which often fails, although it seldom causes casualties, Axial Fan it has caused great economic loss for the power plant shutdown and the damage of the turbine equipment. Therefore, it is very important to enhance the reliability of axial-flow fan and improve the working efficiency of axial-flow fans under such circumstances.

The accident of axial-flow fan is divided into 3 kinds of accidents according to the influence degree, the first kind of accident is the most serious. The third kind of accident represents the safety hidden trouble of axial-flow fan. The specific classification is as follows: The first kind, Axial Fan the fan serious breakdown, causes the entire thermal power unit not to operate normally. Seriously affect the production work; the second kind, the efficiency of axial-flow fan is reduced, but it does not cause the thermal power unit to stop running, but affects the working efficiency of the thermal power plant; The third category, the axial fan has a small fault or trouble, Axial Fan resulting in a slight decline in the axial fan operation efficiency, but does not affect the normal

There are many common faults in axial-flow fan, because axial fan has been in a high load working environment, so there may be many faults. Rotor fault, which is a common fault in the fan, Axial Fan the specific fault includes the rotor bending, operating vibration, or the emergence of rotor and impeller connection problems, resulting in rotor shaft idling, impeller and rotor slip phenomenon. Blade failure, Axial Fan the blade in the long time to work in a great deal of force, so easy to thick crack and fracture accident, Axial Fan at the same time this kind of fault is difficult to check, because the axial fan is at a high speed running state, so can not use what way can predict the fault of the impeller. Therefore, the impeller fracture is the most common production accident of axial flow fan? The damage of the fan bearing will cause the stator shell to cling to the dead rotor, Axial Fan and the stator shell has a huge impact on the fixed, resulting in the overall shedding of the axial fan. When the circuit circuit is too large, the copper wire in the line to generate heat effect will be the stator or rotor burnout, Axial Fan the motor caused great damage, the lack of grease caused by the fan components in the dry grinding, the final bearing, rotor and so on to die. So in the day-to-day maintenance to pay attention to increase grease.