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Centrifugal Fan A Multiplier Effect

Sep 28, 2017

Centrifugal fan is a mechanical energy into high pressure air energy of the machinery, it is the use of high-speed rotation of the impeller will accelerate the gas, and then slow down, Centrifugal Fan change the flow, so that mechanical energy into wind energy. We all know that the centrifugal fan is composed of housing, spindle, impeller, bearing drive mechanism and motor. Centrifugal fan due to a long time to work and wear it the bearings will be more or less failure, the following for everyone to analyze the reasons for excessive centrifugal fan bearing vibration.

Centrifugal fan bearing vibration is a common failure in the operation, centrifugal fan vibration will cause damage to the bearings and leaves, Centrifugal Fan bolts loose, chassis and duct damage and other serious damage to the safe operation of centrifugal fans. Centrifugal fan bearing more than the reasons for excessive vibration, such as for different reasons to analyze the reasons for the appropriate approach, often can play a multiplier effect.

Non-working furnace leaves non-working area caused by centrifugal fan vibration such defects are common in the boiler centrifugal fan, the main phenomenon for the centrifugal fan in the running vibration suddenly rose. This is because when the gas into the impeller, Centrifugal Fan and the rotation of the blade surface there is a certain angle, Centrifugal Fan according to the principle of fluid mechanics, the gas in the leaves of the non-working surface must have a vortex, so the gas particles due to vortex will slowly Deposited on a non-working surface. Centrifugal Fan Airfoil blades are the most likely to fouling. When the fouling reaches a certain weight due to the role of the impeller rotation centrifugal force will be part of the large pieces of fouling thrown out of the impeller. Centrifugal Fan As the fouling of the leaves can not be completely uniform, the time of aggregation or rejection of the gray block is not necessarily synchronized, the result is that the impeller fouling is uneven and the impeller mass distribution is unbalanced, so that the centrifugal fan vibration increases.

In this case, usually only need to remove the fouling of the leaves, the impeller will once again reach the balance, thereby reducing the centrifugal fan vibration. Centrifugal Fan In the actual work, the usual method of dealing with the temporary shutdown after the opening of the centrifugal fan housing manhole door, maintenance personnel into the cabinet to remove the fouling on the impeller. This is not only the environment is bad, there are insecurity, Centrifugal Fan but also caused the unit's unplanned outage, overhaul for a long time, labor intensity.

Centrifugal fan bearing vibration is still quite big, so we usually use the time to pay attention to check the centrifugal fan impeller above the fouling, Centrifugal Fan if any need to immediately remove, to avoid causing excessive bearing vibration, thus damaging the entire centrifuge Fan.