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Centrifugal Fan Aerodynamic Performance

Jun 02, 2017

Centrifugal Fan Aerodynamic performance type experiment of centrifugal blower:

With the help of advanced experiments, testing instruments on the factory to perform the performance analysis of the sample test. All of the company's hypothetical new products and standard products derived from the product, Centrifugal Fan according to the GB1236 ventilator atmosphere Dynamic performance of the mode of implementation of the company's wind-pipe type, the demolition of the air chamber. Must pass through the pneumatic performance room test and issue the test statement, the performance policy satisfies the imaginary request to be able to put in the official production.

Inspection of finished goods before storage:

can release the storage; Each typhoon machine must be inspected by the following items before being stored in the warehouse.

Full-lossless paint;

Operation time is more than 30 minutes, Centrifugal Fan operation detection: Under normal load, no abnormal;

Using vibration instrument to detect the vibration rate of the whole machine, vibration detection: When running, must not exceed the domestic and enterprise standard;

Noise value is less than domestic and enterprise requirements; noise detection: According to the domestic fan performance noise verification.

Exceed the speed of the plan 20% cases, Centrifugal Fan peeding test: the implementation of the speed of the machine to the performance of the speeding experiment. The operation hour is more than 10 minutes;

On the operation of the motor through the current performance detection, machine running current detection: under normal load. If the current exceeds the standard, Centrifugal Fan the electrical equipment should be changed.

Wind turbine construction process

Compared with traditional technology (angle steel circle and cylinder welding), it has the advantages of obvious appearance, stable structure and good diversion performance. Outside of the fan: steel plate blanking (shearing machine or plasma cutting machine) drum forming (three-core drum machine) automatic welding (CNC welding machine) spinning molding (automatic spinning machine) flange and cylinder overall molding.

CNC Welding machine welding, assembly line, fan impeller: blades, hubs and other parts of the molding process of all using molding. The size is accurate, Centrifugal Fan the appearance is tasteful. The use of Sino-German joint Shanghai Machine factory production of hard support dynamic balancing machine for calibration, full calibration process using computer control, impeller balance precision high (to achieve ISO2.5 level) operation stability.

It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, flame retardant and corrosion resistance. FRP fan: impeller, wind cylinder, hood and so on all a part of the use of imported plastic resin membrane, excellent resin and fiber cloth by the scientific ratio molded.