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Centrifugal Fan How To Distinguish Between Left And Right Angles

Oct 25, 2017

Centrifugal fan, how to distinguish between left and right and different angles? Stand-alone centrifugal fan, why not through the frequency to adjust the air volume, but by changing the amount of air or the amount of air to achieve it? In addition, the centrifugal fan on the rectifier, what role?

1. Centrifugal fan, how is it to distinguish between right and wrong direction?

Centrifugal fan This kind of fan, the distinction between its left and right, in fact, very simple, as long as the fan from the back of the motor to see if it is clockwise rotation, if it is, then right, and vice versa is left. As for the angle of its judgment, such as 45 degrees or 90 degrees, it is to see the wind direction of the wind toward the angle, is the angle with the scale, is the same.

2. Stand-alone centrifugal fan is used to change the amount of air or the amount of air to adjust, rather than through the frequency adjustment?

This is because, in the centrifugal fan, the outlet pressure and the square of the speed, is the inverse relationship. So, when its speed is 75%, its outlet pressure is about half of the rated, so for some occasions, is not suitable, can not be sent to the air. The use of imported air valve or outlet valve, you will not have this problem, but also have the role of energy conservation.

3. Centrifugal fan, the inlet on the rectifier, what role?

Centrifugal fan, the inlet on the rectifier cylinder, mainly to play the role of guidance and rectification of these two. If there is no such part on the fan, then it will affect the actual flow of air flow area, and the actual flow of the fan. Therefore, it is necessary to have this part, in order to enhance the fan pressure and ensure the flow. However, this centrifugal fan of the annex, in a small fan, there may be no.

Centrifugal fan suction how to measure and why can not open without resistance to run

1. Centrifugal fan and blower, are these two comparable?

Centrifugal fans and blowers, these two are not comparable, because it is for two different categories of categories, so it is impossible to compare. Centrifugal fans, which are classified according to the principle of operation of the fan, thus obtaining a specific type, and the blower, which is a concrete type used by the fan to be classified according to the characteristics used.

2. Centrifugal fan suction, how to measure? In addition, 4-72-14c centrifugal fan with 45kw motor, the speed can reach how much?

Centrifugal fan suction, in general, is through the fan full pressure, to be measured. And 4-72-14c centrifugal fan with 45kw motor, its speed, it can reach 830r / min, if the normal operation and use, there is no problem. So, on the centrifugal fan, regulate the operation and use, it is possible to achieve a good state.

3. Centrifugal fan can not be exposed without resistance to run, come to the conclusion of this reason, what is it?

Centrifugal fans can not be exposed without resistance to run, come to this conclusion the specific reason is because:

Centrifugal fan, its outlet or inlet is closed when its load is very small, so its current is not very large. So, will require the closure of the throttle to the air, so that you can have a small starting current, on the contrary, the starting current will be great, so there will be a certain risk. And prone to load tripping and other issues