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Centrifugal Fan Industry In China Still Needs To Improve

Jan 16, 2017

Centrifugal fan is a type of fluid machinery and its field of application is very wide: washing machine factories, mines, vehicles, computers, buildings and so on. Modern wind turbines are mostly used tri-activity theory, this in-depth theory of impeller on fan described and depicted as a whole plays a very important result. This not only applies to the impeller description and development to stop blade diffuser components described in the further advancement of unit power, then choose noise protection skills, improved operational environment.

Abroad centrifugal wind machine development direction for big capacity, and high pressure, and layout compact, and energy less, and noise low, and power high, and plasticity good, and exhaust purification capacity strong; throughout selection pry loaded no Foundation, full cover low noise depicting, greatly save has device, and Foundation and debugging costs; constantly development variable workers condition conditions Xia running of new valve, makes valve days greatly progress; in commodity depicting Shang, using centrifugal wind machine thermal learn, and dynamics accounting software and its job process imitation software,, progress accounting accuracy, Simulation models to guess the machine in practice after induction conditions of function parameters to improve the success rate of new product development, mechanical and electrical integration was strengthened. Compare with this fan of foreign high-tech, it is clear we have many shortcomings.