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Centrifugal Fan Key Equipment

Jun 16, 2017

Centrifugal fans are the key equipment for ventilation and dust removal equipment, such as dry grinding of ceramic raw materials Raymond Mill forging hammer mill and squirrel-cage powder and other milling equipment using centrifugal fans will meet the requirements of the required size of the ceramic Powder drier outside; spray dryer tunnel dryer dryer dryer chain dryer and kiln and other equipment using centrifugal fan for heat exchange, in order to improve the product heating rate and heating quality; Centrifugal Fan cyclone dust collector and bag dust Such as the use of centrifugal fans on the production workshop for dust treatment to ensure that the production workshop clean and bright and civilized production, the use of centrifugal fans can also complete the transmission of ceramic powder and other noise is the ceramic industry commonly used centrifugal fan fatal flaws. In fact, noise is a variety of different frequencies of the sound of the random combination of chaos, seriously impair people's physical and mental health and reduce work efficiency. Therefore, it is far-reaching and important to study and discuss the causes of noise and the way of control of the centrifugal fan noise in the ceramic industry. It is of great significance to protect the health of the workers and improve the economic efficiency of the enterprises.

Mechanical noise Ceramic industry Commonly used centrifugal fan impeller is usually installed directly on the motor shaft or through the coupling fan shaft or through the belt fan shaft and the drive belt connected with the motor shaft, and with the motor shaft high-speed rotation. Although the ceramic industry commonly used centrifugal fan design and manufacture to meet the strength and stiffness requirements, the fan factory, the fan shaft fan impeller coupling and pulley and other rotating parts have been rigorous static balance and dynamic balance after passing the assembly station. But the centrifugal fan speed is high, the production environment is bad, the air is wet and dust flying, and ceramic powder and dust and other solid particles are still the main component of quartz and square quartz, Centrifugal Fan the hardness is particularly high, so the ceramic industry commonly used centrifugal fan work When the fan wheel and other rotating parts are easy to wear and produce mechanical noise, and now the following aspects of the fan wheel uneven wear and tear, under the action of the wind turbine pressure, resulting in fan rotor deformation, Centrifugal Fan fan work, because the fan impeller Unbalanced mechanical noise.

Due to the wear of the fan bearing, resulting in bearing rolling body and its contact with the face to form a larger gap and produce mechanical noise, serious, Centrifugal Fan the bearing inner and outer ring and fan shaft bearing seat will form a larger gap and produce mechanical noise.

Some fans usually use multiple belts at the same time work, if the length of the belt size difference between the larger, the fan work, some belt tension, and other belt has not tension, resulting in mechanical noise.