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Centrifugal Fan Large Power

Nov 06, 2017

Centrifugal fan is a complex structure of equipment, mainly in the air inlet, wind valve, impeller, motor, the composition of the outlet. In different states, the effect of centrifugal fan is not the same. Centrifugal Fan Therefore, different parts of the operating conditions disagree, the effect of the centrifugal fan will be affected. The centrifugal fan debugging to the best state, can start from many aspects.

1, centrifugal fan to allow full pressure start or step-down electric, but should be noted that the full pressure start of the current about 5-7 times the rated current, Centrifugal Fan step-down starting torque and voltage square proportional, when the power grid capacity is insufficient, should use step-down start.

2, centrifugal fan in the commissioning, should carefully read the product manual, check wiring method is consistent with the wiring diagram; Should carefully check the supply of the fan power supply is not meet the requirements, the power supply is missing phase or the same phase, Centrifugal Fan the capacity of the electrical components to meet the requirements.

3, the number of the test is not less than two people, one person to control the power supply, one observed the operation of the fan, found that abnormal phenomenon immediately stop check; First, check whether the rotation direction is correct; After the centrifugal fan starts running, it should check whether the current of each phase is balanced and whether the current exceeds the rated current. Centrifugal Fan After running five minutes, check the air blower for abnormal phenomenon, confirm no abnormal phenomenon and then turn on the operation.

4, two-speed centrifugal fan test, should start at low speed, check the direction of rotation is correct; When starting at high speed, it is necessary to wait for the fan to be stationary, Centrifugal Fan in case of high speed reverse rotation, causing switch tripping and motor damage.

5. When the centrifugal fan reaches the normal speed, the input current of the blower should be measured, and the current of the centrifugal blower can not exceed its rated current. Centrifugal Fan If the running current exceeds its rated current, the supply voltage should be checked for normal.

6, centrifugal fan required motor power refers to a certain operating conditions, the centrifugal fan and the wind chassis, the full open air when the required power is greater. Centrifugal Fan If the inlet is fully open for operation, the motor is in danger of damage. When the fan is best to be tested, the valve on the inlet or outlet pipe of the blower is closed, and the valve is opened gradually after operation to reach the required working condition, Centrifugal Fan and to pay attention to whether the running current of the blower exceeds the rated current.

Between the axial flow fan and the centrifugal fan fan, the oblique fan impeller lets the air not only do the centrifugal movement but also does the axial movement, Centrifugal Fan the movement of the air inside the shell mixes the axial and the centrifugal motion forms.

The combination of axial flow and centrifugal fan features, Centrifugal Fan although it looks more like the traditional axial-flow fan. The curved plate-shaped blades are welded to the conical steel wheels. Change the flow rate by changing the blade angle in the upper inlet casing of the impeller. Centrifugal Fan The casing can have an open entrance, but more commonly, it has a right-angled bent shape so that the motor can be placed outside the pipe. Centrifugal Fan The drain shell expands slowly to slow down the velocity of air or gas flow and converts kinetic energy into useful static pressure.