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Centrifugal Fan More Widely

Jun 30, 2017

Fan Overview: Fan is one of the factories, Centrifugal Fan enterprises generally use one of the equipment, especially the fan application is more extensive. Boiler blast, smoke and dust, ventilation and cooling are inseparable from the fan, in power plants, mines, Centrifugal Fan chemicals and environmental protection projects, Centrifugal Fan fans are indispensable important equipment, the correct control of the fan design, to ensure the normal economic operation of the fan is important

Centrifugal fan design usually given the conditions are: volumetric flow, full pressure, working medium and its density (or working medium temperature), Centrifugal Fan and sometimes structural requirements and special requirements.

The design requirements for centrifugal fans are mostly: to meet the required flow and pressure conditions should be in the vicinity of the most efficient point; the highest efficiency value should be as large as the efficiency curve flat; pressure curve stable working range to wide; fan structure is simple Easy to operate, easy to operate, easy to operate, easy to operate, easy to operate, Centrifugal Fan easy to operate, easy to operate, Centrifugal Fan easy to operate, easy to operate, easy to operate, easy to operate, easy to operate , Disassembly and transportation is simple and easy.

However, at the same time to meet all the above requirements, it is generally impossible. There is also a contradiction between aerodynamic performance and structure (strength, craftsmanship), usually in order to grasp the main contradictions to coordinate the solution. This requires designers to choose a reasonable design to address the main contradictions.

With the use of different fans, Centrifugal Fan the requirements are not the same, such as public buildings used in the fan is generally used for ventilation, the most important requirement is the low noise, multi-wing centrifugal fan with this feature; and require large flow Of the centrifugal fan is usually double suction type; for some high-pressure centrifugal fan, than the low speed, the relative proportion of its leakage is generally larger

Centrifugal fan can be full pressure or buck start, but in the use of full pressure when the start must ensure that the capacity of the grid sufficient. Centrifugal Fan Because the current at full start is five to seven times the rated current, if the capacity of the grid is insufficient, use the buck to start this form. This is a very important aspect, if the grid is not sufficient to use the case of full pressure start will produce circuit failure.

Generally in the 7.5KW motor power above the fan start, Centrifugal Fan we recommend the use of star delta buck start, or the use of variable frequency motor, Centrifugal Fan from 0-50HZ gradually start, the smallest impact on the grid.

Centrifugal fan in the test, be sure to carefully read the product manual, in particular, to check the circuit situation. Because the centrifugal fan in the test, if the circuit fails, Centrifugal Fan then the direct cause of the fan failure.

Before the test, we must ask the manufacturers to check the pulley with the flatness, that is, the motor and fan pulley in a plane, the scene can use the ruler, the ruler against the motor or fan pulley side of the side, Turn the pulley to see if the ruler is on the same line as the other pulley (same face).

With the flatness adjustment at the same time, Centrifugal Fan to adjust the tension of the belt, belt tension on the operation of the fan effect is critical. Centrifugal Fan Too loose or too tight, are not good. Strict operation, according to the belt span and specifications, according to a certain range of tension to adjust.