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Centrifugal Fan Properly Maintained

Oct 26, 2017

Centrifugal fan is the cement plant with more production equipment, Centrifugal Fan because the fan work environment is relatively poor, and the high speed in the operation, so the running of the bearing temperature is high, bearing vibration, anchor bolts and foundation wear, etc. The problem is more prominent, therefore, how to properly maintain and use centrifugal fan, for improving the system equipment operating rate, Centrifugal Fan to ensure the normal safety of production is very important.

In the use of centrifugal fans, the bearing temperature is a common high failure, causing high bearing temperature for the following reasons: First, poor lubrication, oil (fat) deterioration or lack of oil (grease); Second, the bearing assembly quality , The pre-tightening force is too large, Centrifugal Fan resulting in small work and so on; Third, the poor quality of the bearing itself, such as the original clearance does not meet the requirements, or roller or ferrule defect; Fourth, the vibration of large bearings to withstand the impact load; Is the bearing cooling is not good, ventilation or water shortage and so on. For the selection of bearings, the use of units in general will be in accordance with the prototype of the equipment manufacturers for the use, Centrifugal Fan but not pay attention to the selection is appropriate, from the above cases, is the choice of improper bearing. As the centrifugal fan shaft and bearing with the general selection of H7 / js6 (or H7 / k6), and bearing and bearing hole with the general selection of JS7 / h6, this fit will not be too tight, the impact of bearing clearance is limited , Centrifugal Fan For the higher speed, the higher the working temperature of the centrifugal fan, the bearing seat and the cover of the tightening of the bolts under normal circumstances do not use torque to move, in order to prevent loose, tightening force is often too large, so that the work gap Small, and thus cause the bearing heat caused by high temperature; or because the bearing work clearance is small, resulting in free-end bearings can not automatically move with the axis of thermal expansion, so that the two bearings bear the axial load is too large, causing damage to the bearing heat. Centrifugal Fan Therefore, the production of replacement bearings, especially the higher speed and higher operating temperature centrifugal fan bearings, bearing attention to the choice of bearings, one should pay attention to its limit speed is appropriate, the second is to use the original clearance of the larger C3 Group bearings.

When the fan vibration or operation of the wind leaves fall off, will cause the bearing seat fracture, the fracture position is generally in the vibration of the fan end, Centrifugal Fan for the serious fracture of the bearing, had to be replaced, but only one of the anchor At the break, bearing seat oil chamber is not affected, can be used to strengthen the treatment. For example, my company's roller press M5-48 № 19D circulating fan, had a large wear due to the blade, and the occurrence of the front plate and leaves fly out of the phenomenon, resulting in large bearing vibration and loose bolts, and finally the bearing front In this regard, Centrifugal Fan we replaced the new impeller, and in the front of the bearing with a thickness of 10 mm, 120mm wide arc plate produced a hoop, both ends of the hoop installed in the bearing at the front of the two M36 nut, tighten Bolts, and then in the bearing and the arc plate at the top of the gap in the pad plate, to achieve a close combination of the two.