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Centrifugal Fan Technology In China Still Has Great Room For Improvement

Jan 16, 2017

Currently the centrifugal fan technology in Shanghai there is a lot of room for improvement. For example, the core component of high pressure air quality will affect the quality of the entire packaging machinery, once, a quality problem, not only parts but the overall mechanical problems, will have multiple adverse consequences to the enterprise. Quality protection the high-pressured air blower, in improving the overall quality of packaging machinery and mechanical credibility will also be recognized by users as a whole. Therefore, at the time of introduction of the core components have to do with long-term considerations. For packaging machinery, in particular, to optimize the industrial structure, enhance the ability of independent innovation, technological innovation and core components to improve the quality of, and will be the future trend. Through the packaging machinery and other relevant enterprises to continue their efforts, and packaging machinery in metrology, manufacturing, technical performance will be achieved no success.

Centrifugal fan is a type of fluid machinery and its applications are very broad: washing machine factories, mines, vehicles, computers, buildings and so on. Most modern wind turbines using ternary flow theory, this theory has gone on fan impeller design and plays a very important role in the overall design. This not only applies to the impeller design, but also to the diffuser design of static components, efficiency is increased further, with noise protection technology, and improved the operating environment, and so on. Abroad centrifugal wind machine development direction for big capacity, and high pressure, and structure compact, and energy less, and noise low, and efficiency high, and plasticity good, and exhaust purification capacity strong; general used pry loaded no based, full cover low noise design, greatly save has installation, and based and debugging costs; constantly development variable workers condition conditions Xia run of new valve, makes valve life greatly improve; in products design Shang, application centrifugal wind machine thermal learn, and dynamics calculation software and its work process simulation software,, improve calculation accuracy, Through the integrated simulation model to predict performance under actual operating conditions of the machine parameters to improve the success rate of new product development, mechanical and electrical integration was strengthened.