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Characteristics Of Axial Flow Fan

Jan 16, 2017

Axial-flow fan by single-phase capacitor asynchronous motors, double flanged tubular chassis and blade composition. Has a large amount of wind, vibration, low noise, axial flow machine is mainly used for large air volume control device, large electronic equipment, cabinets, electric welding machine industry, ventilation and heat dissipation purposes. Also in the buildings, plant used as ventilation, ventilation, cleaning and other.

Axial fans, is the shaft with blade with the direction of the air flow, such as electric fans, running air conditioner outdoor unit fan is an axial flow fan. Axial fans also call the local fans, wind-machine is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, different from the fan motor and fan blade in a cylinder shape is a cylinder, used for local ventilation, ease of installation, ventilation effect, safety, return tube a lookout to the designated area.