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Effects Of Environmental Requirements On Wind Turbine Design Parameters

Jan 16, 2017

Fan power consumption mainly depends on coal to provide and reduce the loss of fan work, increase the efficiency of energy saving and emission reduction as an extremely important role. Because of environmental requirements rise, fans, fan pressure need to be increased. But problems on the parameter, for example: large, unable to cope with, and so on. In the majority of fans will exist more or less pressure on margins. Our deNOx system or additional dust, when reforming the fan found a fan and the fan pressure is quite small, even the fans will be able to save power consumption under conditions of to meet the health requirements, but pressure margins. To this end, in addition to design again, replace the measures of new fans, only local transformation to the fan to meet the requirement pressure increases, which are the most needed and most welcome. For example:

Does not change the fan diameter of the replacement blade to fan the air pressure increases 1 200Pa; speed adding blower fan air pressure increases requirements (for axial-flow fan, do not change the fan diameter, increase first-stage fan speed, often caused by excessive pressure, stall reduce the safety margin of the results. If at the same time improve the level of fan speed, by replacing the fan impeller blade approach to meet the requirement, it is a very good improvement.

Engineer on the reasonable structure design of fan, effectively enhance the fan efficiency, in addition to production needs, can meet the energy saving and emission reduction, response to the Government's environmental protection slogans, therefore enterprises should not only focus on economic benefits, should obey the law, promote energy conservation and emission reduction.