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Fan In Accordance With What Purpose Can Be Divided Into Different Types?

Jan 16, 2017

Although such machinery and equipment for the life of the fan is very familiar to the crowd, but due to the application of different fan models are not the same. Different kinds of fans play a role are very different, so a lot of people know the fan is a little one-sided.

What about fan why types and forms? fan can be divided according to the different uses.

First is the induced draft fan, this type of fan and fan is different in the eyes of the rest of us, and it is greatly different. In the fan we mainly played the role of an exhaust, but this fan is designed to be within a certain range of air is filled as soon as possible. It is widely used in a number of boiler combustion equipment.

There is a textile fan. This fan is exclusively in the field of textiles, we often outside of the textile mill heard sound this is a textile fan noise generated during the working process. There is no doubt that this is a very big fan of power, is very large in shape and size, are used in this regard is taken for granted.

Finally, fire fighting exhaust fan. This fan uses air pressure within a certain range of flue gas using air pressure quickly ruled out, good for firefighters in the rescue work. We can see the firemen with fire the fire exhaust fan at the scene for rescue. Its invention to make it easy and fast to our fire and rescue, and thus saved the lives of many people.