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Global Fan Manufacturing Capability Analysis

Jan 17, 2018

In a recent report, navigant research, a Colorado-based clean energy market research firm, said there was a oversupply of fan manufacturing capacity around the world. Accelerated technological innovation and improved production processes have led to more competitive wind power, the report concluded. The report analysed the production capacity of more than 500 suppliers of wind equipment parts and materials around the world and concluded that the overall manufacturing capacity of the wind power equipment supply chain was increasing. And that is reshaping the global wind industry.

The report said that in the past two years, along with the further improvement of the supply chain in the wind power equipment industry, the world's leading fan manufacturers have adopted a more flexible and diverse procurement model. By doing so, they help to reduce the cost of fan manufacturing. From the global layout, wind turbine manufacturing costs to reduce wind power in more countries and regions have been developed. From the perspective of industry prospects, fan manufacturing costs to ensure that wind power investment benefits. Attract more money into the industry. But from a more macro perspective, the oversupply of wind power equipment manufacturing capacity in the global scope gives buyers more choices and stronger price control capability, which will intensify competition between component suppliers and fan manufacturers.

Navigant research wind power industry senior analyst Jesse Blore said, to pile up in excess of requirement of wind turbine manufacturers means can adjust the production and procurement plans more easily, they can decide whether to outsource or internal production parts or two modes of mixed mode to a greater extent, manufacturers have more choices for the entire industry. It is helpful to encourage overcapacity in product innovation, industry competition will make the wind power industry to prepare for the future market competition.

The nearly 300-page report analysed reports from Europe and North America. Manufacturing capabilities of major wind turbine suppliers in Asia Pacific and Latin America. The report also analyses key technical trends in key components and materials for wind turbines, as well as related manufacturing capabilities and supplies.

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