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Ventilation Engineering Knowledge

Jan 16, 2017

Ventilation in accordance with the range can be divided into local and general ventilation ventilation. General ventilation or dilution ventilation, it is the whole space to breath. Local ventilation is the location of pollutants collect contaminated air exhaust directly to outdoors, or directly to the local supply of fresh air. Local ventilation with ventilation effects, air savings and so on.

Ventilation is required for mechanical ventilation equipment. Research on mine, is heading, commonly used axial-flow fan and centrifugal fan, fan, Air Purifier, filter, pressure sprinklers, pressure jet of water, and combined with the fan duct for ventilation.

Ventilation engineering construction methods and requirements

1, according to the characteristics of the project, site shall be spacious, bright, clean, flat on the ground. Basic equipment of processing and power complete safety protection devices required.

2 install to install parts of the barrier, duct cleaning, without prejudice to the conditions of construction debris on the ground.

3, equipment in building construction has coarse, indoor decoration and internal partition walls, flooring has been installed under good conditions, ventilation dry tube installed.