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Wind Turbine Manufacturing Industry In China To Maintain Rapid Growth

Jan 16, 2017

Wind power and other alternative energy as a strategic industry, obtained from the central to local governments to support and promote. Under the national development and Reform Commission to promote, including price, tax breaks, special grant, financial support and other support, and introduced policies to encourage wind power development-intensive, has ushered in the explosive growth of wind power industry. In accordance with Eleven-Five the initial planning, during which China's wind power installed capacity is 5 million-kilowatt. And by the end of 2007, target adjusted to 10 million-kilowatt. But the end result is, the whole Eleven-Five of installed capacity exceeds 40 million-kilowatt. In recent years, China's wind power market maintained rapid growth. In June 2012, the Chinese grid-connected wind turbine 52.58 million-kilowatt, replacing the United States as the world's largest wind turbine power.

If the foreign wind turbine companies invest and set up factories in China, China's wind turbine manufacturing capacity has reached 25 million-kilowatt, only the top four sinovel wind, goldwind, Dongfang electric, joint force, whose total capacity is over 10 million-kilowatt. Overcapacity is an indisputable fact that, enterprises will be fierce competition for survival and reorganization and integration.

Fans first used in metallurgy, petroleum, petrochemicals, fertilizers, refrigeration, textiles, gas transportation, subway tunnels, ships, and on various aspects of the national economy as well as various places of ventilation. In addition to traditional use areas, technological, metallurgical industry, new dry process clinker coal gangue comprehensive utilization of energy-saving and comprehensive utilization of resources, such as more than 20 potential categories in the malls will still have great prospects. Fan professional trends at home and abroad are: large scale wind capacity continues Add.