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Centrifugal fans blowers for melt-spraying cloth production line

The fans are used for coercive ventilation in the industry of furnace, glass, electroplating, ceramics, etc. and are widely used for material transportation in processing food, feed and slag.

 Centrifugal fans from Wuxi JN Fan Factory

Wuxi JN Fan Factory specilize in producing fans for the plastic machinery industry, printing machinery industry, cable machinery industry, environmental protection equipment industry, lithium battery industry, and furnace industry.

High efficiency direct drive ventilation centrifugal blowers

The centrifugal fans are used to convey air and other non-hypergolic gas which are not harmful to human body and will not corrode steel materials.

Stainless steel SS304 316 belt driven centrifugal blower fans

The centrifugal blowers are applicable to industrial boilers. The conveying gas temperature is not more than 250 degree. It is also used for other normal ventilation.