Air Filter Abrasion Resistant Industrial Dust Collector Centrifugal Blower Fan Machine

4-72 centrifugal ventilator can convey air and other gas non-hypergolic, harmless to human body, non-corrosive to steel material. B4-72 is suitable for the ventilation of inflammable and volatile gas. The adhesive material are not allowed in the gas, its containing dust and hard particles should...

Product Details




Rotation speed:1450rpm

Air flow:10602-21204m3/h

Total pressure:1553-984Pa

Warranty: 1 year

MOQ: 1 set

Material: SUS304, carbon steel

Our service

Ø  Professional technical training and guidance on site according to the contract;

Ø  Supply accessories at any time;

Ø  Tele-technical consulting and services;

Our Advantages

a. Extensive production experience: we are specialized in ventilation centrifugal fan with an experience of 20 years. 

b. Complete production facilities: owning laser cutting machine, balancing machine, straightening machine, fine polishing machine, precision lathe, milling and drilling machine, roller press and other advanced equipments. Our technicians will do regular scheduled maintenance on these machines to guarantee them work well.

c. Short Delivery time: If one container 30 days.